“It’s like beading on silk”
Vicky Roberts – Editor of Bead & Jewellery Magazine

“I love it when new thread comes along that is just for us beaders. I’ve been experimenting with DuraThread. It’s the perfect combination, the softness of a multifilament like K.O, and the strength and durability of Fireline”
Heather Kingsley-Heath – Designer

“I think DuraThread is a great choice for anyone who wants just one good quality all round thread at a reasonable price. For those who already have several different beading threads I think DuraThread offers the opportunity to achieve a softer, more fluid effect with all types of bead, including crystals, so this would be a great addition to their collection of threads.”
Pru McRae – Designer

“I am seriously impressed with the new Dura Thread. I made one component with 6lb Fireline and when I pulled the thread it broke on the Crystals, I then started again using Dura Thread , no problems what’s so ever and I really did pull it. In my opinion I think this is a great new thread and it’s about half the price of other threads. I was very impressed
Sue Picknell – Designer

“I got some new awesome thread from Spoilt Rotten Beads that is much cheaper than fireline and is AWESOME to work with!!! I normally don’t like to work with anything else but fireline or nanofil, but this is super!!!”
Miriam Cielo Shimon – Designer
Cielo Design –

DuraThread “has absolutely transformed my pearl beading techniques to give such a precise finish to my work. It drapes like silk but has such a strength and is just perfection”
Suzie Menham
SuzieMJewellery –